Stock Gages

U.S. Gage

    • Standard Thread Rings – Disks of heavy metal with a central, threaded hole are made to match a particular OD thread. The gage is screwed on the part being inspected as though the two are mating parts. In the US we manufacture adjustable style thread ring that need a masters set plug to check for wear at calibration time. We HIGHLY recommend master set plugs when ordering special ring gages. Thread rings and master set plugs should be manufactured at the same time and mated together. Solid rings are also available up request, but run 8-12 weeks to manufacture.
    • Taperlock Threaded Work Plugs – Taperlocks are among the most popular style in thread plug gaging. They check internal holes under 1.5″ in major diameter.
    • Trilock Threaded Work Plugs Trilocks are used to check internal holes over 1.5″ in major diameter.
    • Standard (Master) Setting Plugs Set plugs are used to set thread rings for proper fit and feel and inspect ring for wear. Set plugs have a common pitch diameter for the full thread length of the GO or NOGO section. They are most commonly ordered/manufactured as class X tolerance, but can also be made as class W tolerance (which is mainly used in accredited calibration labs).
    • Metric Gages – Tools for measuring and quality checks in metric internal and external threads.
    • Helicoil (STI) Taperlock – Helicoil plug gages are used to inspect the hole prior to inserting a screw thread insert (STI) when repairing a threaded hole. Metric STI gages can be class 4H5H (most commonly ordered) or 5H. We default to 4H5H.