Go NoGo Gages

Need to make sure your part is within spec?

U.S. Gage Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality GO and NOGO thread gages.  A thread gage is a high precision measuring instrument used in the manufacturing industry to ensure that threaded parts being manufacturing conform to quality fit standards.

Simply put, the GO thread gage should fit nicely on the manufacturer part. The NOGO thread gage should not thread onto or into the manufacturer part. This leaves the part being manufactured within the two sizes of the GO and NOGO thread gage, which indicates that the part is within spec.

Examples of Go NoGo Gages manufactured by U.S. Thread Gage

Some examples of  our GO and NOGO thread ring and thread plug gages.

U.S. Thread Gage makes stock go no-go gages as well as specialty go no-go gages.