About Us

U.S. Gage manufactures or distributes high quality thread gages to customers worldwide. We carry a complete line of thread gages including Thread Rings, Taperlock Plugs,  Setting  Plugs, Metric Gages and Helicoil / STI Taperlock gages — manufactured with oil hardened tool steel on decades-proven U.S. machinery.

Flexible and responsive, we can turn around your custom gage orders within FIVE=TEN business days. We help assure quality production with gages that are manufactured and quality checked to NIST standards.

U.S. Gage

At U.S. Gage it’s not the size of the order that counts. We are customer focused on every order placed — small or large!

Our customer base includes a wide variety of industries including aerospace, agricultural, automotive, electronics, construction, furniture, mechanical contracting, medical, military, petroleum, pharmaceutical, plumbing and so many more scientific specific applications.